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Last updated May 2023

At BackerLatest, we are dedicated to helping creators and crowdfunding projects succeed. We provide comprehensive support, from project evaluation to carefully crafted promotions, all designed to propel your project towards success.

BackerLatest Step-by-Step Guide

Project Eligibility: We welcome active Kickstarter projects and fully developed projects in pre-launch. This flexibility enables us to assist crowdfunding campaigns at various stages.

Swift Response: Once you submit your project, our dedicated team reviews it and provides feedback or collaboration confirmation within 48 hours. We believe in efficient communication.

Passion-Driven Selection: Our commitment to selecting projects we genuinely believe in ensures that you receive not only our expertise but also our sincere enthusiasm. We treat your project as our own.

Stand Out in BackerLatest Newsletters

Convenient Submission: We offer two convenient submission methods – through our website or by emailing us at hello@backerlatest.com. We understand that you may have your preferences for interacting with us.

BackerLatest Money-Back Guarantee

Risk-Free Promotion: Our money-back guarantee reflects our confidence in our promotional services. You can trust that your investment with us is secure, and we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Transparency and Accountability: We stand by our promise, and if your project fails to generate new pledges equivalent to your payment, we will promptly process a refund for the difference, as demonstrated in our example.

BackerLatest Minimum Commitment and Refund Criteria

Ensuring Fair Results: To meet refund criteria, ensure the service doesn't achieve a minimum ROI of 1. For example, if you paid $299 for the premium package but only received $100 in new pledges, we will refund the $199 difference.

Showcasing Your Project in BackerLatest Newsletters and Pricing Details

Regular Newsletter Inclusion: $399: Reach 100,000 subscribers with a standard feature in our newsletter.

Standard Newsletter Inclusion: $699: Feature your campaign in our newsletter sent to 200,000 subscribers, along with additional perks.

Top Newsletter Inclusion: $899: Showcase your project to our largest audience, with over 400,000 subscribers, and enjoy premium features for maximum exposure.

Types of Projects Accepted by BackerLatest

Diverse Project Inclusivity: We welcome a wide range of projects, from active Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to fully developed entrepreneurial projects on the brink of launch. Our inclusivity allows us to support various creators.

Quality Assurance: By selectively working with projects we genuinely love, we ensure our promotions maintain high standards. If your project wasn't initially selected, we are committed to providing insights and guidance to help you improve.

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Explore our services to discover how we can drive success for your crowdfunding project. We can't wait to work with you and champion your creativity.